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Mortgages in 2019 | Brief Guide for Beginners

Mortgages in 2019 | Brief Guide for Beginners

Many of us are quite informed about the huge diversity of credit and debit cards, what are their benefits, why fuze card is definitely worth choosing being so super practical in use, etc. But does everybody know every little detail when it goes about mortgages? […]

How To Decorate Your Restaurant On a Budget?

How To Decorate Your Restaurant On a Budget?

Are you the one wanting to give a stylish look to your restaurant design but do not have enough money for this? Don’t be overwhelmed, here are some useful tips on how to decorate your location on a tight budget (it is also important to […]

Health Insurance, Medical Debt, and The NHS

Health Insurance, Medical Debt, and The NHS

Do you know what one of the highest causes of bankruptcy in America is ……. ta da…. medical debt (to avoid the problem of personal bankruptcy you need to learn about personal loan interest rates)!

Do you know that a high percentage of those that went bankrupt due to medical debt had health insurance!!

Another ta da!!

We have read conflicting statistics, everything from 2/3’s to half of all bankruptcies in America, are medically related, meaning the majority of the debt was due to medical costs.

So here in the UK, our medical insurance and health care is a part of our taxes and paid that way.

We get sick or fall ill, and we go to our GP; we are involved in an accident, we go to the A&E; do we have to pay for these services, yes, out of our taxes that go to the NHS, but we do not pay out of our pockets.

In America, you do.

In America, if you are involved in an accident, and are conscious and can speak, the first question you are asked at the A&E (emergency room there in America) is, do you have health insurance?

If you do not, they are supposed to treat you still, but the reality is they may not treat you well, or unless you are dying, you may not get treated quickly.

Sometimes it is difficult to get your head around the fact that something we have here and take for granted, people elsewhere may not have; and the fact it can cause significant financial hardship.

Even for those that have health insurance.

So even if you have health insurance, you could still wind up in significant debt and need to go bankrupt????


There can be two solid reasons for this:

One reason is that the insurance company denies the claim to pay the bill(s).    They get the law and may look for ways to not have to pay it.

Maybe it was a pre-existing condition, perhaps you went to the A&E, and the doctor who treated you did not phone the insurance company within the allotted time, maybe you did not call them (as you may have been unconscious).

Either way, they say, no, we are not paying this, and you are left with thousands of dollars (we are in America now remember) owed to the doctor, hospital, etc.

Another reason you could find yourself in significant debt due to medical issues and have insurance could be the co-pays associated with some policies.

Some insurance policies only cover a certain amount of costs, say maybe to 20K or less, or even more, 1 million dollars.

Once that amount has been reached, you owe the balance; and in the instance of a significant illness or cancer treatments, this can cost much more than policy will pay, leaving you with a ton of debt.

In some instances the health care policy will have a deductible amount that you need to pay, the first $100, or more, or the system will only pay 80% of the costs, and you owe the remaining 20%.

And 20% of 10K or 20K, does add up.

So now you can see why in America the health care reform act not only is a big deal but one that affects everyone.

One last little fact about insurance policies, in some instances an insurance company states they will pay what is reasonable and customary for a service provided.

So if the doctor you like and trust with your life, charges $100 for their services, and the insurance company feels that the reasonable and customary fee for this service is $50, you need to cough up (no pun intended) the remaining 50.

Having experienced both sides of this, meaning having lived in America and now the UK, you soon realize it is something not to take for granted.

To fall ill, or be injured, possibly severely, and then have the insult to injury that you owe a lot of money, is just plain wrong.

How can you ever concentrate on getting better if you have that debt looming, hanging over your head?

And then the collection calls and letters start arriving; you’re hardly back to your healthy self again, and you get dealt with this stress.

It’s easy to see why bankruptcy does become a healthy option.

Step-by-Step Process of Growing Weeds and Flowers

Step-by-Step Process of Growing Weeds and Flowers

Many weed seeds – move to Pure Green Express to get a massive amount of useful information, concerning medical cannabis – can be sown directly into flower beds, given: suitable  space   compost 1 Prepare the soil. Remove any weeds and large pebbles and, if […]

Having a Shed Plot Is of Great Importance

Having a Shed Plot Is of Great Importance

This is the time of year when a lot of people are told that they’ve hit the jackpot and have an allotment. It’s such an exciting time, and for the first few weeks, it’s easy to get carried away with the romance of an allotment […]

How Can Customer Testimonials Generate More Leads

How Can Customer Testimonials Generate More Leads

When it comes to drawing on the services of your company, the potential customers prefer to look for more information online about the industry, and most of the attention is brought to the customer testimonial. They’re getting to know the service they want to take advantage by way of the content of your website. It is proved that more than 72% of people are skeptical about companies that cannot provide feedback to potential customers from previous consumers. Understandably, many of them are hesitant to trust you right away without good reasons. That’s why in the first place you need to do testimonials work and put in order all the reviews.

What is the goal of a testimonial?

Why do testimonials work? Let’s take a closer look at this issue to see all the benefits. Customer testimony brings such advantage as:

•    Customers trust reviews.

First of all, testimonials from your consumers are traditionally used in the sales process to make people believe you. Testimonials aren’t sale, that’s mean that you do not pay money for this type of advertising, but you make people trust you and purchase your products much more comfortable. Your previous customer becomes a sales message without being corrupt. Frankly, it’s foolish to refuse free advertising, which brings far more results than radio advertising, TV commercials, or posters. The reason for this is the time of technology; people are accustomed to relying on the worldwide network in search of answers to most of their questions, which is why conducting online customer testimony guarantees you a quick result without spending money on it.

•    Skepticism overcoming.

People have a fear of being cheated, making an unsuccessful purchase, or just buying a product at a disadvantageous price. In short, people have skepticism. When we see the advertisement of a particular product or service, we cannot be sure of the truthfulness of the words spoken, but if we hear the same information from the same consumers like us, it is much easier for to trust them. And, most likely, that we will choose to the advised industry. That’s why it is so essential to do testimonials work as often as possible.

•    Free advertising.

Doing testimonials job requires no money. To conduct customer testimony, you only need to ask consumers and encourage them to respond.


If you start your business from scratch, or you want to raise it to a new level, or you want to expand your industrial grid to a new locality, and you need to attract the attention of customers, the best way out in this situation is to do testimonials work. Customer testimony guarantees you a quick result in a short period without spending money on it. Moreover, it is known people are accustomed to relying on the customers’ reviews to choose specific products or services.

5 Great Movies That Can Teach Your Kids about Business

5 Great Movies That Can Teach Your Kids about Business

Every parent wants to have wise children. That is why they try to develop them in all possible ways from an early age. They choose developing books, games, and cartoons. We all know that most children like to watch a cartoon or play computer games. […]

Make Your Own Storage Cubes

Make Your Own Storage Cubes

These solid sandblasted storage cubes are very easy to construct – and perfect for small space living. You can store their books, cosmetics, decor items, remvital sleep aid and literally whatever you want. Quick project guide Hard labor – 3/10 Skill level  – 4/10 (requires […]

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Rising household costs and cold snaps got you thinking twice about setting foot outside? Creating comfy relaxation zones in a bedroom with a cumbersome at first glance primo memory foam mattresses, or dining room with its sets and cabinets is possible.

The home cinema

‘A room designed exclusively to cater for a family’s entertainment requirements is the ultimate lifestyle experience for any family,’ says Frank Riester from Cinemania (, a Cape Town company specializing in the design and installation of home cinemas.

Most households’ home theatre systems are usually only used to watch movies and listen to music. A home cinema can be so much more: not only does it form the core of the family’s communal activities, but it also offers endless gaming possibilities (PlayStation, Wii or big screen online games). It can also become a multichannel music room; karaoke center or perfect for viewing home recordings with friends. Now, isn’t that just so much better than your average mall cinema?

Your own library

Do you love curling up under a blanket with a good book? Creating a reading nook in your home may not be as difficult as you think. According to Bianca Groenevelt from Alexandra Pama Interior Design, your own library can be a calm haven in your own home. All you need is a bookshelf and a comfortable easy chair or sofa, depending on the space available and whether you prefer to sit or lie down to read. You can choose between floating shelves, a freestanding bookshelf, or shelves in interesting designs as a focal point. Use beautiful fabric for the furniture, cushions and window dressing. Soft lighting, such as a table or standing lamp, works well – while books lend color and texture to the room.

An instant reading nook

Wood has a warmer effect on a room than, for instance, metal, so opt for wooden shelving. Try to avoid bright colors and distractions, as these should be quiet surroundings which induce serenity. There is no right or wrong color scheme for a library, but neutral colors are a good start; try earthy colors with accents of pink or red. For a slightly fresher feel, use white with splashes of green, blue-green and blue in soft hues. Good lighting is key to a pleasant reading experience: more than one light is recommended, and dimmer switches help create a visual balance and regulate the light when necessary. The reading light should not be too sharp but provide a soft light. Create personality by hanging photographs of yourself and your loved ones in the room, and place ornaments of sentimental value between the books. This is also the ideal place to show off your achievements.

Fine dining

Food is one of the comforts we turn to in winter – go one better and create an intimate space and enjoy a gourmet meal in the comfort of your home. You won’t have to brave the cold and rain to pay a small fortune for a plate of food; simply set up your own restaurant at home – all you need is a table, some chairs and a pinch of imagination, says Johané van Schalkwyk, Home’s assistant food editor. First, decide on a theme, then work around that: do you love Indian restaurants, Chinese take-aways – or do you prefer the simplicity of a one-pot meal?

A small table is convenient, as it can be moved around according to your needs. Imagine an intimate dinner for two in front of the fire or a relaxed cup of tea with a friend in a cozy kitchen.

Two chairs without armrests are very handy, as they don’t take up much space. If you don’t have upholstered chairs, add some gorgeous cushions for extra warmth.

Remember, the emphasis is on accessories, so use your best tablecloth and linen napkins to make it special. Liberate those fancy plates you couldn’t bear to unpack after buying it and immerse yourself in sheer luxury.

Use your best crystal glasses and subtle candlelight to add to the atmosphere. And as a warm welcome, enjoy a glass of sherry before taking your seats, to whet the appetite.

Escape to your music room

‘Before going to the doctor, I’d rather pay a visit to my music room, because music is better than the best medicine,’ says Wolfgang Heuer, owner of Musikhaus in Stellenbosch, the oldest music shop in the country. Are you one of the lucky few to have inherited a piano, but are not always sure what to do with it? Well, create a musical corner in your home and dedicate it entirely to the wonder of sound.

Make sure that the piano stands firmly on a level surface. If you don’t want to damage wall to wall carpets, purchase some special saucers from a music shop to place under its feet.

If you have a grand piano, place it so that when the lid has been opened, the opening faces the interior of the room and not the wall – so as to spread sound evenly in the room.

A knotty pine ceiling is ideal for good acoustics. If you light a fire in the fireplace or use a heater, ensure that the heat is not directed at the piano, but elsewhere in the room, as pianos are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. The room temperature should always be between 16oC and 24oC and the humidity not above 58.

Never place a piano against an exterior wall, as the repetition of the key mechanism will cause it to start tightening, making the piano sound false. Also, never place a piano between a window and a door, as the slightest draft or misty breeze will also cause the keys to stiffen. The best position for a music ‘corner’ is the center of a room or against an interior wall.


Don’t feel like heading out to the office on a rainy Saturday morning just to do an hour’s work or to check your email? Without too much effort, you can create your own study or workspace at home. According to interior designer Elize Labuschagne, it’s important to only use one designated area in your home for work – otherwise, the whole house eventually turns into an office. Workspace and home function separately and should ideally be kept that way – and if you stick to your specific work area, it doesn’t really feel as if you’re bringing work home.

An office or study can really be fitted anywhere in the home – except the bedroom. Get a desk or a table that faces away from the rest of the room – either facing a window or against a wall, so that you sit with your back towards the rest of the living space; this way you can isolate yourself from all the other activity. Depending on the amount of time you are likely to spend there, a comfortable chair is almost essential.

Lighting is also very important – natural light from a window is best; otherwise, get a work lamp that is both simple and unobtrusive.

Ensure enough packing space with attractive containers and tins in which to store stationary or materials, so that your space doesn’t resemble an office or workshop too closely.

Photographs of your family or friends will also make this area more sociable. A striking screen separates the work area from the rest of the room, without sacrificing light.

Solitude in your own spa

Your home is your refuge from the hustle and bustle of the outside world; a place where you can retreat to and relax. And what could be more of a special treat than a home spa?

‘A home spa is convenient and can also be very cost effective,’ says Zireena Osman, owner of Spa Patchouli in Rondebosch. If you have a bath or a shower, you’re already halfway there, and if you have both, even better. If your budget allows, purchase a jacuzzi which can give you a good massage and improve circulation. A showerhead with massage functions can also be very handy for home treatments. And don’t forget about home lifehacks.

Benefits of Restaurants Going Organic

Benefits of Restaurants Going Organic

Have you ever heard about green tendency?  It is a mainstream which is fast becoming a way of life for many people all around the globe. As a result, an increase in the popularity of this movement leads to the growth of organic food stores […]