How to Get a Marriage Green Card in the United States?

How to Get a Marriage Green Card in the United States?

The well-known fact is that most people who live in the U.S. originally came from other countries. That is why they naturally hope to marry a person from their hometown or native country and live together. Moreover, there are also those who think that green card through marriage is the simplest way of emigration to the United States.

In this deal full of unknown troubles, you may meet on your way you should definitely have a good adviser as a TN visa job expert. So, here are some tips everyone should know to get a marriage green card in the U.S.

Generally, it is a three-step gradual process you should come through.

Establish A Marriage Relationship

The first step involves submitting the form I-130. In other words, it is called the “Petition for Alien Relative”. The main purpose why this document is so valuable is its’ ability to establish that your marriage truly exists.All elements you should include in are a government filing fee of $535, proof that your husband or wife is a citizen with all the copies of the sponsor’s birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or valid U.S. passport photo page. Or if he or she is a permanent resident you need a copy of the sponsor’s green card. Also, you need a marriage certificate showing the names of you both, as well as the date and where the marriage took place. By the way, no less important are proofs that marriage is not fraudulent and the whole copies concerning the previous marriages. To be short, all the divorce documents if they exist, of course.

Apply For The Green Card

The second step determines a spouse’s eligibility for a marriage-based green card (Form I-485 or Form DS-260). In its turn, this process depends on your spouse living place. If an applicant lives in the U.S., you should have an I-485 filing package. It consists of government filing fees of $1,225, proof of nationality of the person who wants to get a green card, proof of lawful entry to the United States like a copy of your prior U.S. visa. Moreover, do not forget to take medical examination performed by a USCIS-approved doctor with you. And the last you need to have is a proof of ability to financially support the spouse whose the USA visa processing times.

For those applicants who live abroad is another package list of critical elements of an NVC filing. It includes government filing fees of $445, green card application filed online, proof of nationality like a copy of the passport or birth certificate, police clearance certificate, and the last one is similar to those needed for people who live in the United States. It is proof of financial ability to support your partner applying for green card.

Attend the Green Card Interview and Wait for Its’ Approval

And the third step is the simplest and the most important between them. All you need is to come to an interview and answer to all the questions of the interviewing officer. He will ask all he wants about your marriage, your history together and so on to be sure that your marriage is not an only fraudulent green card marriage.

So, be calm, tell only the truth and everything will succeed! Good luck!